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In 2009 I introduced my research into what has become known as The Zozo Phenomena. The information found here is for information purposes. I hold no responsibility if you or someone you know becomes haunted by zozo or any other entity. Use Ouija Boards at your own risk.

Zozo quotes

"The name has come up time and time again in my investigations."
John Zaffis ( Respected field demonologist and Haunted Collector )

" This is the craziest thing I have ever heard."
Steven LaChance ( Haunted Survivor and Author)

" Zozo appears to cause psychological problems, poltergeist activity, and the ability to linger around in the physical world." Rosemary Ellen Guiley
( Paranormal Researcher and author of over 50 books including "Ouija Gone Wild.")

I am fascinated by the Zozo Phenomenon and all the stories! Robert Murch ( Ouija collector and Historian)

Darren Evans research has put the Ouija back on the map! Stephen Lancaster III ( Paranormal Investigator and Author )

Coming Halloween 2012

Coming Halloween 2012
Based on actual events

FACT OR FAKED features my vanishing raven footage!

Click here to view ZoZo the Raven Video In the ancient Basque language the word Zozo is defined as "blackbird or crow." I filmed this Raven as it began to taunt me while on the set for a ouija horror film. The video is completely unedited. Could this be a shape shifting Zozo? Permission was granted to TV show Fact or Faked to use this video footage for their series. However the film I Am Zozo is in no way using the above video, nor is the film using the image of a raven or crow in the film to represent the zozo demon.

Chasing A Madman - By Darren Evans

Chasing A Madman - By Darren Evans
A true Ouija story

Sent to Ghost-Space.com

It was her father who had passed. he were testing the spirit asking questions that only she knew the answers to. After 20 minutes it switched over and claimed to be MY mother. Once again answering questions correctly. We were both in tears and before we knew it the spirit switched over and we asked who we were talking to, the pointer went O Z O Z O Z O Z O. we called him Oz , we asked him to blow out a candle to prove himself and before we completed the sentence the candle was out. We asked him the time( neither of us had watches and we had been outside for over an hour) and we ran inside to look, it was exactly right to the minute. He then preceded to tell us that it was him the whole time, not her father, not my mother, him. He said he knew what we were thinking and that’s how he gave us the answers to our questions, he was in our heads.

By the end of the conversation he began to curse at us so we stopped playing. A few weeks later we used the board again, and instantly Oz was back and he was nasty. cursing at us, saying dark things, we stopped.

That summer my sister in law and I both went through series of unfortunate events, we couldn’t catch a break, one thing after another, negativity loomed over us.

At the end of the summer we used the board one final time. It was him, and he said that he made all of those things happen to us and that he created the negativity that was following us. we never touched it again. a year later while I was at their house she told me she still had the board in the garage and she asked me to look on the computer for proper ways to get rid of the board. While doing this I realized their were endless websites and stories about ZOZO the Ouija demon. we were both scared and white as a ghost, as I was reading about him to her aloud, my nephew (her son)started running around the house screaming ZOZO ZOZO ZOZO!! and we frantically made him stop. I then read on a website that he will try to claim your first born son, I didn’t actually believe that but it surely freaked me out. the next morning my nephew wakes me up and as were waking up he asks if we can go get breakfast so I put him in the car and pull out the driveway, not 2 minutes later a car runs a stop sign and slams in to us. now that could have been coincidence, but it was just too eerie for me to shrug off, ever since then I have developed anxiety and often feel panicky, and when I talk about him I feel the negativity pressing on my chest and my brain.

Written By Nynou 2012 Ghost-Space.Com

Texas Ouija Spirit Zozo?

Texas Ouija Spirit Zozo?
Investigation underway

Darren Evans interviews Ouija Guru Robert Murch

Darren Evans interviews Ouija Guru Robert Murch
Click to listen!

Unlocking secrets of the zo by Dr. Joseph Suantak


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Message to those under 18

Ouija boards are marketed to a young demographic folks. And it's no surprise that the majority of Ouija users are in fact young individuals. It can be fun, or quite boring to use. However there is one thing that we have to consider.

Science and reason tell us it is merely a game. But the truth is many people have negative experiences with the Ouija. Multiply these experiences with the explainable events that take place within these encounters and we have reason to be cautious.

The spirit world is not explainable. Until it is, use Ouija boards with proper intent and respect to yourselves and others. Be careful what you ask, it very well could come true.

Have You encountered Zozo?

In the last three decades Zozo has surfaced on Ouija Boards all over the world. Also, spirit entities such as Zam, Zaza, Zono, and other Z-Entities continue to be reported during Ouija and automatic writing sessions. Oddly enough the entity who's name is "Mama" is commonly encountered along with the Z-Entities. If you encounter these names during Ouija sessions use extreme caution as they have shown dangerous agendas.

If you have an encounter you would like to share please contact me at DarrenEvansParanormal@gmail.com

Questions and answers with Darren Evans

How far back does this phenomena appear to have been reported?

That is still under investigation. Research on the mysterious word Zo indicates it could be a religious term used in early African Voodoo. ( See article above ) While contact with Zozo appears on the surface to be largely as a result of Ouija Boards, in my research I have uncovered evidence prior to the advent of the "modern" Ouija. Zozo is listed in an 18th century French dictionary as one of the demons responsible for a severe possession of a young girl in 1816. In another book written in 1906 that details Greek tourism at the time mentions that Zozo is a "nickname" or other term to describe the demon Pazuzu. Can this name give us clues as to it's origin?

A large number of Zozo encounters on Ouija Boards appears to have suddenly exploded during the early eighties. Stories of these encounters began to show up on the internet in the mid nineties. In the last three years since I began this site I have recieved hundreds of emails from people claiming to have had contact with this entity.

Do the emails you have received share similarities?

Most definitely. In most instances Zozo surfaces during Ouija sessions. Using what seems like advanced intelligence it often pretends to be a dead loved one or other alter ego. This is to increase the interest of the participant and can result in the entity answering questions that defy scientific rationality. Dates of birth, middle names, and other "unknown" information is exchanged and has proven very accurate. In my opinion this can indicate the presence of a more highly advanced spirit intelligence, and one that could be potentially harmful.

Other similarities show that Zozo often surfaces amongst other Z named spirits such as Zam, Zono, and others. Of particular interest is a strange relationship with the perplexing "Mama" entity. Stories and personal experiences shared with me have shown Mama and Zozo can appear together during Ouija sessions. As strange as it may sound they often argue with one another and struggle for "control" of the board. I suspect this is just another strategy to gain entrance by causing confusion and opening the door towards their negative agendas.

One thing of importance that I must share is Zozo has shown perverse sexual attractions to females. Zozo is also attracted to people with suicidal tendencies, depression, and other psychological disorders. This is why I cannot stress with enough importance that people diagnosed with these disorders should simply avoid Ouija's entirely.

How do you respond to the skeptics that say this whole phenomena is something you fabricated in an attempt to gain notoriety? Why were you involved with a film entitled "I Am Zozo?"

I agreed to play the role of myself in the film ( a paranormal researcher ) in order to show my message to those who decide to dabble with Ouija Boards. After hundreds of Ouija sessions I have first hand experience of what can happen in regards to this entity.

To the skeptics I simply ask them to keep an open mind. People from all over the world have reported contact with Zozo. Other paranormal researchers have revealed the name has come up time and time again during their investigations. I have witnessed amazing paranormal activity during Ouija sessions, and the historical evidence is there.

I maintain this site and continue to warn people that Ouija Boards can be dangerous. Many hauntings are thought to have resulted by the contacting of spirits through these talking tablets. Target marketing of Ouija Boards are aimed at children and I feel it is important to understand they are not simply "games."

Zozo shows up in spooky old Virginia display case?

The following was sent to me via the TrueGhostTales website:

I read with great interest your story and here's why. I live in rural Virginia, where just about every other house has a family cemetery plot on it property it seems. I had just moved here from So Cal. I wanted to create a coffee table with glass top and display some local artifacts underneath that represented the Virginia area and its rich history. I went to a yard sale and bought the table I wanted to refurbish and construct to display some of the items. When I took the top off the table I found a home made ouija board in the hollow space under the top. There was no planchette. At first I thought nothing of it, but when I told this story to a few elder locals they both bristled and told me that when a board is separated from its planchette, its an effort to sever the "access key" of certain spirits that came thru that particular board using that particular planchette. I have a healthy curiosity and interest in the "super natural" but Im not driven by it, nor do I "crave" the adrenalin rush that comes with dabbling in the art.

I constructed the table and one of the object I place in the table was the ouija. The first day I had it on display, along with several other items. I found that all the items were pushed to the very furthest sides of the table and only the board was the focal point of the display. Thinking perhaps someone in the house moved the table and tilted it thus shifting its contents, I simply removed the glass and re-arranged the display items, this time securing them with glue. I let that dry before replace the glass.

Two nights later I heard my dogs growing in the bedroom where I sleep and they were staring at the door. I got up to see what they were upset at, and when It turned on the lights in the adjoining family room, I saw the table. The glass was scratched/etched with something sharp from underneath...and there was no mistaking the letter Z in that etching. I then knew something was up with that board or with one of the objects in the display. I have since dismantled the table and put ALL of the display items, including the board, in a box. There are a few religious items that are in that box now as well. I have had no other experiences, but until I read your story about the entity ZOZO, I had no way of connecting the Z etched in the glass with the ouija.

Email received June 11th, 2011

My name is Brianna ( Last name withheld).

I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and have had two very weird experiences with a ouija board. I borrowed one tha belonged to a friend, thinking it was a fun game and was just a joke. I got a small lavender candle and made sure my room was dark. I had done the board with my friend before, and thought she had a trick to it. I did the set up, and asked if there was anyone there. At first it didnt move, so i thought it was fake. Then the cursor shot out of my hand. I checked my windows and everything but had no explanation. I asked it again, and slowly, it moves to spell ZoZo........ then Lily? It had done this before, and since i knew it wasnt fake, was very scared. I had heard stories about her before, and was worried. I asked if it knew anything about me, and it described to me a dream i had had the night before. I was kinda freaked..... especially when she told me the main character was her, ZoZo. I immediately put up the board, but still cant help but feel as if Im being watched? One night, I had another dream about her and it involved me being killed by one of my friends, who tuned outto be ZoZo??? Weird and unexplainable things have been happening to me, and I feel I may be being haunted by her. I believe in it all, now.... very much. I just wish other people knew about these stories and did, too.

Darren Evans would like to thank Brianna for sharing her experience.

Robert Murch - Ouija Expert

Robert Murch - Ouija Expert
His Official Website

Gallery of Ouija Boards

Gallery of Ouija Boards
The Museum of Talking Boards

Another Tulsa Zozo encounter

Recent Zozo encounter used with permission
Hello Darren, my name is Maryah ( last name withheld ). I Live In Tulsa Oklahoma. I Went to target in about feberuary to buy a glow in the dark Ouija board. Well last weekend Me and my friends decide to play with it. We met this nice spirit named Lily, and she needed help. We were trying to help her but nothing worked. Later that night around (12:00am) she left. We then again asked if anyone was there. It said ZOZO and we didnt think anything about it. We asked questions and she seemed friendly. So We all got up and went to the living room with the board still out. we sat around talking and drinking mountain dew.

After about 10 minutes we put our glasses in the sink and went back to her room only to discover that the board was gone! We looked everywhere for it. So after a while we gave up and went back into to the living room to find it there. So we went back into the room and played with it some more. At about 3:33 am my pony tail holder broke and my hair went over my face and i guess i blacked out. My friends said i was possesed and that when Lily came back she said ZOZO her sister is in the room, they asked where and the pointer flew to me.

They said i tried to hurt them, that i was speaking a different language like Latin. The most freaky thing was that we had a candle lit and when ZOZO left i was waking back up and the candle was out and when we turned on the lights the center of the candle was gone no wick nothing. It was like a cup without the bottom. This happened many times though out the night and we used brand new candles every time. I believe i was possesed by the demon.

In further correspondence with Maryah she says the spirit Lily described Zozo as her evil twin sister. Lily told the girls that Lucifer was their Father, and Lily was punished for not wanting to become evil like her sister Zozo.

Lily explained Zozo as an immortal spirit that chooses certain people to become attached to their "self" where it remains. Maryah says Zozo will only come thru on Ouija sessions when she is on the board.

In recent weeks I have been sent accounts of encounters with a "Mama Zaza." Also a spirit entity that identifies itself as only "Mama." Stories of the Mama Ouija spirit are found on the internet.

Some deities were thought to have the ability to be either gender, and the Zozo Phenomena includes encounters in which it represents it'self as female. Some believe it is a real demon, and it's minions operate using it's identity as Zozo. Others have indicated they do not believe it is demonic, but a spirit anomaly none the less.

Whatever it is, it is out there. And the amount of people who report it is very disturbing. When when we be able to put the pieces together and identify what is really going on?

Book written in 1906 describes Zozo as nickname for Pazuzu!

Book written in 1906 describes Zozo as nickname for Pazuzu!
Zozo was considered an alternate name for Pazuzu long before the modern Ouija

Is the Military experimenting with Ouija?

Is the Military experimenting with Ouija?
The Infamous Gulf Breeze 6 Incident!

Official Website

Official Website
Look for new episodes!

Shocking discovery January, 2011

I have applied the Kabbalistic Atbash Cipher technique to the word Zozo and the resulting translation is "ALAL."

Is it mere coincidence that ALAL is a word used in Assyrian demonology that is defined as " Demons of Destruction?"

In Chaldean texts we see ALAL is described as a shape-shifting demon that causes men to commit sin.

When we apply the Caesar Code Decipher to the word Zozo the first translation is "APAP," the Egyptian Serpent of Evil! Called a "Devourer of Souls," is it possible this is symbolic of Lucifer in Christian Theology?

In any case, can this be dismissed as coincidence?

Unfinished novel of evil

Unfinished novel of evil
Joshua Hendrickson

Zozo Experiences


I too have had experiences with Zozo, but I am just now finding out that others have come in contact with the same “spirit” through the quija board. My experiences were all about 5 years ago and I now refuse to touch a quija board. I would always play with my grandmother and husband on my grandmother’s board. The board would only work if I was touching it with them, never without me. Everytime I touched the board zozo would come through..just like Darren’s story nice at first, perhaps a little mischievious..then “zozo started telling me specific things like…”I was with you in your red truck when you went to Ashley’s house” and so on and so forth, saying that Zozo was following me and always with me. This was all about 5 years ago and had left my mind until I got a call from my husband at work today saying that he had talked to a coworker about quija boards and that he had shared my zozo story with his coworker. His coworker told him that he had heard of a demon named zozo and to do his research. So that’s what I’m doing now and came across this page…does anyone know where I can find some good information? Other than personal stories??

I haven’t used the ouija board in about 8 months, I used to do it all the time. I stopped because I was sick of getting Zozo, I got him every single time. I live in New York and I’m close friends with someone who lives in New Mexico, and we would get off the phone and do the ouija board at the same time. She used to get Zozo all the time too, and stopped around the same time I did. And since then she’s been hearing and seeing things constantly, and she’s NOT schizophrenic. I think that has something to do with Zozo, maybe but I’m not sure. Actually I remember one night after using the ouija board, I was going to sleep and i heard something on the floor. It sounded like someone was crawling, but quickly, around the bed. I didn’t have my cats in the room, and it wasn’t a rat or mouse because we didn’t have those in our house. I have quite a few experiences regarding Zozo, really.

hello, i purchaseda ouiji board at a garage sale from an elderly couple. I have always had an interested in the spirit world and had a great interest in trying to make contact. I did not dare to play the ouiji by myself so I just left it packed away until I had a friend convinced me to use it last night. FOr a hour we spoke to this woman spirit and as we went on with the session the word zozo kept being spelled out. as a newbie at this I had no clue what it meant until i looked it up and found it on your website. The energy on the oracle was wild and i am certain if we had removed our hands it would have flew off the board. several times it tried to spell out the alphabet. It was scary as heck and was terrified to see that it was evil… do i still need to cleanse the house even if we went to “goodbye”? I have children and am scared for them.

Hope says:

How do I find your picture?? I recently purchased a ouija board and this spirit contacted me right away calling himself zozo over and over. He is sexual in nature with me and told me that he wants to come into me.

My room mate came home late last night from work and said that she could hear me talking in my room. She didn’t stand by the door to hear but she thought that I was on the phone having a conversation with someone. I have no memory of this conversation. I would like to see your picture but can not find it here. Please help me find it so I can see what this zozo looks like.

disha says:

i live in orlando florida. and the other day my friend and i were using the ouija board. we use the ouija board alot. and we came upon a spirit. we asked it its name and it said ZOZO. we kept on asking questions and it tried to get out of the board by going down the alphabet. then we got off. we didnt know what ment. ”it” also kept on repeating ZOZOZOZO again and again. she looked zozo up and came upon this.

Jamiee says:

The other night me my uncle and my uncle’s friend were talking to zozo. I think the creepy parts were when zozo said that five sisters die. My uncle was the only person in the room who has five sisters. zozo also said that my uncle was evil. After a bit Zozo told my uncle’s frined to die. Zozo called me stupid.

Satansgirl66 says:
I have spoke to Pazuzu(Zozo) many times and have never felt scared. I have a website on wetpaint called thegoldeneagle88 and I will be making a page for Him in His honor. Here is my experience with Zozo:

“He is bird-like or bat-like and skinny. He is very smart and funny(albeit He can have a dark sense of humor). He is really into sex magick but has never made me feel uncomfortable, He is long hair and claws. When I channel Him in my mind I see blue light like orbs moving across my field of vision.”

My idea about Zozo is that He is a very ancient and powerful God whom I revere greatly. He is not all rosy though(most ancient Gods are not) and has very bitter feelings towards christians of all types.

Sent in from anonymous source May 2010

This is the honest truth. One day I was at my friends house and we were bored, and both of us wanted to try out a Ouija board so we figured we would give it a shot. Probably around 14 years old at the time.(best guess) We asked it some questions like when would we die and stuff like that. For some reason I don't remember the answers, maybe cuz I figured it was fake and never tried to remember. Anyway, for the last question we asked it who is answering our questions and it came up Zoso. We were like "Zoso, what the hell does that mean, who's Zoso?" I have been wondering that for years since that happened. Now, i remembered that name because it just seemed oddly familiar to me, couldn't shake it. Then i saw the post that said how a band used that name and it made sense because my brother was/is a big rock fan and I put 2 and 2 together. Anyway, I am now 31. So imagine my surprise when I visited this site today and came across this. It's like a 17 year puzzle for me that has finally been figured out. Thankfully nothing weird ever happened to me or my friend (that I'm aware of) but just thought i should pass this along. That was the only time I have ever used one and will probably be the last.

Zozo encounter in Australia

Sent in June 2010 from Arron in Brisbane Australia

Hi there, my name is Arron and here's my ouija board experience with ZoZo. My curiosity with the ouija board began about two years ago when me and my fiance started a session with a friend of ours.Anyway, we decided to make a board of our own and this particular night a spirit or entity came through, we asked what it's name was and it said zozo.We never once asked questions about the future or when we were going to die or anything like that.It never once said that it was a bad spirit nor did it show any signs that it meant us any harm. During the session it seemed as though it was anxious or something because the planchette started circling around the board uncontrollably. Nothing else happened while we were using the board to make us think that this was bad. A couple of days later we used it again and the same spirit came through, this time it was telling me I should start writing a book about a boy who was kidnapped and has never been found.He gave me details on why this boy disappeared,and where to look for evidence for this book. After this session I started having strange dreams about the book I was supposed to write, so I did actually start to write it. When I didn't write, my fiance would hear a voice telling her to tell me to write the book, this went on for about three weeks or so. Stuff in our apartment started go missing, the tv would turn on by itself, and the subtitles would come on the tv all by itself( it seemed to like tv). I stopped writing this book it wanted me to write, and stuff seemed to get worse. One night my fiance woke up during the night to find a black figure hovering over me with it's arm reaching out to grab me, but when she touched me it went. The next day I was getting ready for work and went to have a shave and found my razor wasn't where it usually was( in the second drawer), it was in the corner of the shower, so I put it back in the usual spot. This happened two days in a row. The next day,again getting ready for work, I was in the shower, my fiance walked out of the bathroom but left the door opened slightly, about a minute later the door slammed shut with an almighty bang. I immediately got out, dried myself, got dressed, and tried to open the door but couldn't. It was as if someone was on the other side holding it shut, when eventually it came open.
At night we would see shadows walking up and down the hallway,and my fiance would always hear these voices talking to her. It was this that made us decide to do something about it. We saw a mediumistic clairvoyant, told her what was happening and she said that there was a demon of sorts, but could not say what or who this was. She gave us instructions on how to cleanse our house and car(because it apparently went with me everywhere I went). We did as she said and everything returned to normal, until about two months ago when things started to disappear again. We have used the ouija board recently, but have had no contact with anything, no activity whatsoever. Well that's my experience. I live in Brisbane, Australia.

Oz Ouija Entity or Zozo?

When I was in the Army stationed in Fliegerhorst, our base was an old german army base during the war. Our barracks was an old hospital and we had our own pub inside our barracks. The pau/bar was in the basement in the morgue. Anyway, had to let you know that because if your going to screw with a quija boaud, theres no better place to get movement. We had a lot of fun drinking beer and playing that. Well, for the first few nights anyway.

There was a spirit that claimed to be that of a little boy. We also talked to a few other spirits on the board until one time this spirit came across and said his name Oz. I figured initials because I don't recall any spirits giving there names, just initials. Anyway, he was no fun and just plain mean. Everytime we would try to talk to one of the other friendly spirits, Oz always came back like he was much stronger than the others. When you would ask a question and he got angry, the eye would move frantically in a figure 8. He was just mean. Well, one night we got pretty trashed and asked some real mean things and acted mean back. It was funny at first, but it got serious in a hurry.

We started arguing with one another because some were getting spooked. We then came to our senses and said, "let's get rid of this darn thing. We threw it away and nothing strange happened afterwards. Not sure I beleive in them or if they really even work. But it was a freaky experience. Although I talked a lot of smack that night, I was sort of fearful for a few days. I can't remember to this day what Oz said, heck its been 20yrs ago. But, it wasn't good at all!

Editors note: This was sent to a Cincinnati Bengals message board in 2006. This Zozo encounter happened 25 years ago, and shows classic signatures. The figure eight in my theory is actually a continuous inverted Z. Notice how this "Oz" entity basically took over the Ouija board, exactly in the same manner it took over my sessions. I wonder if it told Mike, the same things it told me?

AN encounter with Zam on a Ouija

AN encounter with Zam on a Ouija
Sent to Discovery's "A Haunting"

Darren Evans assumes no responsibility if you become Haunted by Z-ENTITIES

When I started this blog in May of 2009, I had no idea it would spawn the incredible controversy that seems to have taken a life of it's own. When I received hundred of email's, I realized that I have a responsibility to educate people of the real dangers involved in using Ouija Boards. Not just Zozo, but Zaza, Zam, Zetoh, Zoso, and other peculiar "Z-Entity" names commonly repeated in Ouija sessions.

I am not on some caped crusader mission to glorify these entities, nor am I a practitioner of the arts. I have had many, many Ouija sessions dating back to the early eighties, and although experienced, I am still searching for answers as to what's really going on here. I ask alot of questions, i research until I'm blue in the face, but in reality, I am just an ordinary person just like you.

I coined "The Zozo Phenomena," when i reached a crucial turning point in my research. When I found out many other people had experienced Zozo on Ouija Boards, I become totally convinced that this is indeed a real phenomenon. I was no longer alone. I began to notice meaningful coincidences, and things began to happen regarding the phenomenon that cannot be dismissed as a result of mere chance. I know I have seen Zozo perform incredible paranormal events. Was this a result of a sub-conscious association with what could be a demonic archetype within the minds of the Zozo experiencers?

Who knows what is really going on with spirit communication. The fact remains crystal clear to me through all of this, I believe that Zozo, and other Zentities comes to certain people through the usage of Spirit Boards and Ouija Boards. Zozo is mentioned in French Grimoire, and French Occult Websites as a "little known" spirit that possessed a young woman near Picardy in 1816. Along with Mimi, and Caproulet, and caused the young woman to crawl around on all fours similar to the scene cut out of the original film The Exorcist. Click here: I am Legion

Spiderwalk Video

Not every Ouija session I become involved with had a negative outcome. I realize to many, Ouija Boards are simply a game. Some have used it as a useful tool in medium-ship, and many people have used spirit boards for many years with no negative activities to report. But folks, MANY people have reported stories that all defy rationality, that defy logic. Many people believe it opens a door to an unknown world.

Do I find it interesting that George Rubinstein from The University Of North Carolina, in his essay called Luinguistic BioAcoustics: Fragments of Russian and English, that he describes Zozo as "An imitation of rude laughter?" Yes I do. One of many definitions you won't find in most dictionaries. People often question my resources, I will indeed provide proper citations when the time is right.I've scanned thousands of websites, and spent an large amount of time compiling the information for my upcoming book.

Do I find it interesting that in 1906 A book on Ancient Greece mentions Zozo as being diminutive with the horrible Pazuzu? Do I find it interesting that Zozo is also listed in an early book on demons and demonology written by a French writer Simon Colin Plancy, also mentioning Zozo as another name of Pazuzu? Again, yes I do, because I don't make this stuff up.

While I continue to warn people about these dangers, I have to also state that I have never claimed to be a demonologist. During my research into the term Zozo, and it's potential esoteric connections with spirit phenomena, I cannot ever hope to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that these coincidences and string related definitions are definitive proofs of Demons, or Entities. I admit freely, that Zozo is hard to find in any known demonic hierarchies, or religious pantheon. That to me is perhaps the strangest part of The Zozo Phenomenon. Maybe, this is why it has been written almost 200 years ago as "a little known devil." Another French List of Demons. I have talked to several demonologists who claim to have never heard of Zozo. John Zaffis is perhaps the only demonologist that has to my knowledge.

"I am familiar with this entity. The name has come up time and time again." John Zaffis

"This may be the craziest thing I have ever heard"
Steven LaChance
Extreme Haunting Expert / Author

Demonologists, Religious Clergy, etc. cannot "officially classify this term in association to an actual demonic name. But here again Zozo shows up according to Robert Muchembled, professor of modern history at the University of Paris XIII

Why do these Ouija Spirits associate themselves with The Zozo? Could it be a legion of lower elementals joining forces in some archetypal game of tug of war? Or is is all simply explained as over-active imaginations?

You decide. I know from personal experience that Zozo exists. If you tend to have a Christian or Catholic belief system, consult your priests and clergymen BEFORE conducting "Ouija Sessions." If you are contacted by a spirit that vibrates towards these terms: Zozo, Zoso, Zam, or Zaza proceed with caution. Do not ask it questions pertaining to future events. Do not provoke the spirits. Close the session appropriately.

Recently, Zozo has shown up in The Netherlands, Australia, the United Kingdom, Israel, Brazil, and Japan. Log on to my public site meter to see the cross-cultural interest.

Special thanks to demonologists John Zaffis and Dwayne Claud. Paranormal expert/author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Dave Shrader at Darkness Radio, Madam Star, ParaNikki at ParanormalUtopia.com, and Tara Ciampa at VisionsMagazineOnline.com

Also, I would like to thank Stephen Lancaster and Valerie at MonsterVisionTV.com. for their knowledge and support.

I would like to thank all the people that have emailed me their Zozo stories. I appreciate all the nice comments, and I do go out of my way to answer all of them. Peace to everyone. And may God be with us.

Darren Evans - May, 2010

Zaza Ouija Spirit

Zaza Ouija Spirit
Sent to UnexplainedMysteries.com in 2001

Zak Ouija Spirit story from 2006

Ooh I've got one!
Well, my house is kinda.....full of spirits. Call me crazy, but I've felt em. Gots a Ouija board and used to be obsessed with that and found out: in my house I gots 27 spirits. 7 of them were in the room at that time XD fun stuff to have floatin in your mind, huh? Twas hard to sleep at night, knowing that some spirit dude could be watching you while you're sleeping, trying to find out how to get revenge on the friend that killed him...ha...
But yes...onto a story. I was in my furnice room one day with all my friends. We were using the Ouija board n talkin to a guy named Zak. He stopped movin the opticle thing so we asked him to give us a sign he was still was with us. He moved this large box of toys closer to us. Most of my friends got really freaked out but I was iiinto it!! I asked for another sign, and he did it again. Twas so kool. And that's not all! Later, he stopped talkin to us again so we asked for another sign. Note: no one was outside of the room at this time, and that is where the light switch was. He turned on the light! We got pretty freaked out at that point and all ran outta the room. Not a smart move cuz if you don't close the board properly, they stay with you. dun dun DUN!!!!

so...any other ouija stories, add away

Shania B comes forward......

ShainaB says:

I too have had experiences with Zozo, but I am just now finding out that others have come in contact with the same “spirit” through the quija board. My experiences were all about 5 years ago and I now refuse to touch a quija board. I would always play with my grandmother and husband on my grandmother’s board. The board would only work if I was touching it with them, never without me. Everytime I touched the board zozo would come through..just like Darren’s story nice at first, perhaps a little mischievious..then “zozo started telling me specific things like…”I was with you in your red truck when you went to Ashley’s house” and so on and so forth, saying that Zozo was following me and always with me. This was all about 5 years ago and had left my mind until I got a call from my husband at work today saying that he had talked to a coworker about quija boards and that he had shared my zozo story with his coworker. His coworker told him that he had heard of a demon named zozo and to do his research. So that’s what I’m doing now and came across this page…does anyone know where I can find some good information? Other than personal stories??

Psychic studies photograph of ZoZo!

At 3:10pm on April 18, 2009, Kat - Administrator said…
HI Darren, I stand corrected..there are more than 8, I took a much longer look this time to really check out what is in this picture. I think I found out what you call Zozo...look up in the left corner by the girl in the pink jacket...right next to her shoulder is a clown still wearing his make-up. No lie...I am serious about this. Maybe this is what people are thinking is evil...though there are not too many people that like clowns.
But there are many faces within this picture...when you open the doorway...anything can come through.
Now on the other picture..stand back away from your computer and look at the whole picture. Do you also see the large face? very narrow face with a pointed chin, has a mustache too.
Do you see him? This might be your main guy..perhaps.
But there are all these other faces all around him.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Disturbing "Ouija" evolution in media

Hasbro CEO Brian Goldner has revealed details about the upcoming "Ouija"movie currently in the works. Goldner, who will also serve as executive producer for the film said that he wants to be clear about one thing in particuar, " This will not be some G-Rated, weak hot sauce "Jumanj" knockoff. He informed M-TV news that the film will contain horror genre elements similar to "The Ring," and "The Gift."

Goldner explained the filmmakers are keeping two operating principles in mind while creating a movie around a game in which players ask questions and attempt to communicate with otherworldly spirits: one, be careful what you wish for; and two, is Ouija just a game or is there something deeper and more sinister going on?
“Half of the people that play Ouija as a séance think it’s just a game,” said Goldner. “The other half thinks it’s much more serious than that. So that idea, is this real or is this just sort of imagined? Is this something that’s done by the participants or is this something that’s really from beyond?”
“Because of course breaking through to the other side is something we’re all kind of interested in,” he continued. “It’s such an intriguing idea, and that’s something we want to explore in this movie.”
How might the film’s characters get swept up into the territory of the creepy Great Beyond? “In Ouija you ask questions and then you get these answers,” Goldner told us. “And sometimes these answers are unintended answers. So be careful what you ask, that’s the element of the game that I think is so fun. You sort of use that insight about really playing Ouija as the jumping off point for a story for a movie, and then you link it to something much bigger.”
That producers are willing exploring—and subjecting the film’s characters to—horror movie conventions is the surest indication that “Ouija” will not be geared toward the elementary school set. Indeed, Goldner is ever mindful of the deep connection his audience feels toward a board game that has been delivering late-night chills and thrills for generations.
“People out there really take it pretty seriously and I think that’s the fun of it,” he said. “Everybody, especially in fact young teenage women as they grow up and go through their teens—have all had a Ouija story. They’ve all gotten together for a sleepover that’s maybe gotten a little too scary. They can all remember back.”
If Goldner has any doubts about adapting a mere board game into a cinematic blockbuster, the exec wasn’t tipping his hand. In fact, he name-checked another Hasbro toy that led to a huge box office success: “Just like in ‘Transformers,’” he said, “it was always about ‘more than meets the eye.’”


Also, there has been controversy following Hasbro's release of a newly designed "Pink" Ouija Board aimed at young girls.

According to Stephan Phelan, of the pro-life and missionary organization Human Life International, Ouija board is “a dangerous spiritual game and for [Hasbro] to treat it as just another game is quite dishonest.” This sentiment has been echoed by several customers complaining at Amazon.com, and in fact, Toys R Us is phasing the game out, although they haven’t said why.

Phelan elaborated, “Christians should know, well everyone should know, that it’s opening up a person to attack, spiritually. Christians shouldn’t use it."

These new developments in Ouija marketing and production in my opinion will undoubtedly influence thousands upon thousands of people to dabble into this realm of spirit summoning and communication with dangerous entities such as Zozo.
The "paranormal explosion" continues on television with huge ratings on a wide variety of ghost hunting shows with investigators "demanding" the spirits make their presences known. The wildly successful film "Paranormal Activity" is in sequel production, and many more films scripts are following the Paranormal footprint.

In the next few years we will witness paranormal based media like never before. As in ancient man, the fear of the unknown remains a powerful imprint into the minds of modern culture. Are we getting closer to solving mysteries of spirit communication?

Glow in the dark boards, pink and purple, Hell-Boy boards, Sabrina The Witch talking editions, and most recently the ominous Ozzy Ozbourne collectors board! We are seeing marketing towards an ever increasing younger demographic. New cell phone applications are targeting youth with mobile Ouija apps.! A new Ouija I-Pad software has been released, and there will be no slow down of these and other inventions to allow people more ways to contact the dead or un-living.

I suspect there will be an increase in real paranormal activity as public opinion shifts towards the acceptance of these spiritual phenomenons. Millions of people will seek a "paranormal" experience of their own, and I suspect many will be granted that what they wish for.

So the evolution of the Ouija continues. Marketed as a simple board game to youngsters world wide. Are they concerned with your daughter's exposure to nasty Incubus phenomena? Are they responsible for demonic influences being introduced into the lives of innocent families? I think as the popularity grows, so too should be the efforts to warn people as to what can happen when you invite spirits and negative entities into your living rooms!  

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